How Can Alternative Cancer Medications Treatments Help You Fight Your Disease?

As cancer research and technologies improve, the efficacy of alternative treatment programs for cancer have seen a boost. Pharmaceutical companies and cancer researchers are now looking into viruses that can fight cancer, light and soundwave therapy to target cancer cells, and a variety of other alternative methods. Hope4Cancer Institute is proud to be the only cancer clinic in Mexico to offer RIGVIR® virotherapy along with a number of other alternative cancer medications that aren’t found elsewhere in North America.

The reasons why many cancer patients and their families search for alternative methods for cancer treatments are numerous. First and foremost, many of the traditional methods of cancer treatment are very invasive and can ravage the body. Chemotherapy can destory the immune system and have a variety of side effects, including nausea and lethargy. This is because chemotherapy is a highly toxic poison. Radiation isn’t mut better. In addition, surgery can cause permanent, life-altering damage to the body.

image of patient receiving cancer treatment

There’s even some questions of how effective these types of treatments can be. For example, in one study of almost 155,000 Americans and Australians with cancer, less than 3% with a five year survival rate could credit it to chemotherapy. Although there are some individuals who do respond well to conventional treatments, many more suffer through the side effects without much progress on healing the disease.

The alternative treatment options available at Hope4Cancer Institute are non-invasive and do not cause the severe side effects that are seen with chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. These treatments are only improving as more research comes out, and Hope4Cancer Institute remains on the forefront of this new and exciting time in cancer treatment.