About Hope4Cancer

Hope4Cancer® Institute is a cancer clinic in Baja California, Mexico, located only a few minutes from the San Diego/Mexico border. This is important because patients of the Hope4Cancer® cancer clinic have easy access to alternative treatments that are not available in the United States and Canada. Treatment modalities available at Hope4Cancer® Institute include:

  • RIGVIR® Virotherapy: A virus is used to seek out cancer cells and destroy them. It also helps to restore the ability of the immune system to identify the cancer.
  • Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy: Sound waves and light waves are coupled with a sensitizer to selectively target cancer cells.
  • Biological Vaccine AARSOTA: Cancer antigens in your own body are extracted to fight against cancer.
  • Anti-Cancer IV Therapies: A number of IV treatments are available that treat the cancer and rebuild the immune system including Vitamin C, PolyMVA, B-17 and more.
  • Hyperthermia: Focused heat is applied to tumors – it is known that tumors are much more susceptible to fever grade temperatures than healthy cells. Hyperthermia also alleviates pain among other immediate benefits.

Alternative anti-cancer treatments at Hope4Cancer® Institute are non-invasive and non-toxic. There are far fewer side effects than other traditional forms of treatment, including chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, and these treatments can significantly improve quality of life and offer hope for patients who have been in countless consultations, doctors’ visits and hospital stays. Hope4Cancer®’s industry-leading doctor-to-patient ratio and a highly qualified medical staff ensure that patients receive the best individualized care possible.


Hope4Cancer® Institute was founded by Dr. Antonio Jimenez, a successful cancer physician and clinical researcher, who wanted to provide patients with first-class care using the latest non-toxic treatment options available. The clinic was renovated in 2011 and then again in 2015, and provides a number of world-class amenities, including selected patient rooms with an ocean view, vegetarian, organic menu, a juice bar, access to the Pacific Ocean beach and boardwalk, and more. For more information about Hope4Cancer Institute, please click here.